I often come across thinking that in order to get a coach you need to have a need to fix something that isn’t working – perhaps you are unhappy in your life or work, overwhelmed, too stressed balancing different requirements, or complacent in your role.

And it’s often true, and a starting point of many great coaching conversations and subsequent transformations, however it’s just one side to the story.

The other side is around creation. Often when things are just fine or even quite exciting, we tend to settle, giving our destiny up to circumstances. And going with a flow doesn’t have to be a bad thing, especially if there is a lot of personal satisfaction generated in result.

By what if, when things are steadily going well – we took a moment to stop and ask ourselves: How could I take this to another level? Create a better life and/or career for myself? Have more time for myself and my passions? Or even bigger – What is that impossible dream that I am afraid to make come true?

Can you imagine what would happen if you actually allowed yourself to dream and set the bar even higher? Stop being afraid? Allowed yourself to take up the challenge, even if you were petrified that you may fail?

Life goes by sooo quickly. We spend most of our lives working, sleeping, eating, commuting…. Reflecting on my own journey – which, in line with what I believe in – happened the way it did for a reason – I wish I had changed my attitude to dreaming and risk taking a bit earlier, and asked myself: what do I really want? why am I afraid to have it? And – what do I need to make it happen? And stepped away from (almost blind) following into creation mode this tiny bit sooner.

As once you arrive here, you know anything is possible.

Like one of my clients, who started not being sure if she was good enough in what she was paid to do, and now, after only couple of months, she is already planning for impossible.

If you succeeded in following, there is a very high chance that you will succeed in creating. You just need to learn how to change the modes.

It would be a privilege to assist you in taking that first step.