You cannot transform what you are not aware of.

Some clients come to me because they are hyper-aware of what’s holding them back and they want to change, NOW, but they don’t know how to. Others have a sense that something has to change as they can’t or don’t want to keep going as they are, yet – are only able to name ‘the problem’ once they begin the work.

Participants of group programmes I run are often surprised that mindset is a ‘thing’ that you can break down into specific components – habits – which they then get targeted feedback on together with personalised development suggestions, enabling them to take control of those habits.

They make the unconscious conscious, instead of giving into what might seem like fate (paraphrasing the amazing Carl Jung), and with that – break the pattern of Survival and before they know it – show up from Growth more frequently.

If you are curious whether you are in Growth or Survival, but don’t know where to start, take a look at the below Mindset grid and see how many of the statements on each side resonate with you right now.


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If you find yourself more on the Survival side, I invite you to ask yourself what you could achieve if you showed up from Growth more frequently?

If the answer you got inspires you and you are ready to begin transforming your mindset, drop me a line as there are still few places available in the next cross-company cohort of Mindset to Growth programme starting this September.

Be well