In the first two articles in these series, I spoke about the importance of mindset for you as an individual as well as the impact of how you show up as individual has on those around you – your team, your organisation, and of course those closest to you.

So why else mindset matters and what are other benefits of mindset of Growth? 

As Mindset Practice’s research show – based on 2157 first-time mindset psychometric completions – people are more resistant to change and learning when in a mindset of Survival. Your talent and potential is blocked and you fail to leverage full value from wider development programmes.  Transformation is short-lived.

What our research also show are the key benefits of mindset of Growth: 


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These are only examples of the impact that mindset has on our performance, wellbeing, and how we show up – and whether we show up as best possible person that we can be, and ultimately – reach full potential.

In the next post, I will speak about what mindset actually is and what we need to be aware of and develop control over to show up from Growth more consistently.

Be well