You are an accomplished team leader, and you know success is partly strategy but mostly mindset.

You want your organisation to be exceptional and you know that starts with your people.

You want to unlock the potential in your team, retain and grow your best consultants and enhance their performance, resilience and wellbeing.

I’ve got you.

We provide leaders and managers with the time, space, diagnosis and support to understand the habits that enable sustained performance and wellbeing and remove those that block it.

Our team approach accelerates a climate of Growth and performance based on psychological safety, trust, accountability and constructive challenge. Growth and Survival form the basis of a common language of performance and serve as a tool to build success and climate of Growth across the organisation.

“The transformation was rapid, in 6 months, my revenue generation more than doubled and I feel more resilient to deal with any future setbacks.”

– Partner, Regional Office Head, Accountancy Firm

Me and my team of associates will help you:

  • Build a climate of psychological safety, trust, collaboration and accountability
  • Transform the Growth capability of key teams and enable greater teamwork and sustained effectiveness
  • Teach leaders how to apply the Toolkit for Growth to improve both their personal impact (such as their confidence to be agile and try something new) and the impact they have with others
  • Lead with courage and authenticity
  • Accelerate your competitive advantage through innovation
  • Apply sustained change back in the workplace

Complement your existing development with the missing piece of puzzle.

“I really enjoyed, and learned so much, by having Aleksandra as my coach. Every session felt like a break from the noise around me, and she helped me focus on what was important.”

– Business Partner, Professional Services (Big Four)

What does Growth mean to you?

We work with forward-thinking organisations who strive to make life better for their teams and their customers. Organisations who are committed to flourishing from Growth rather than limiting performance from Survival.

If you want to consciously create a culture where innovation can flourish, trust and openness are valued and curiosity is celebrated, we can help your team move from Survival to Growth.



Judgmental and critical

Emotionally detached

Overwhelmed and reactive

Harsh to self and others

Guarded and hidden

Blames and disempowers

Avoids conflict

Stays in own comfort zone



Growth focused

Curious and adaptable

Explores emotion

Present and mindful

Compassionate to self and others

Shares what is true for them

Offers solutions

Assertive and proactive

Stretches own comfort zone and act on what is true for them


Survival Climate

Survival focused

Disengaged and disempowered

Resistant and undermining

Blame and punishment

Mistrustful and cynical

Exclusion and bias


Reactive and risk averse


Covers up mistakes

Harsh and transactional

Incivility and rudeness

Low level of psychological safety


Growth Climate

Growth focused

Engaged and committed

Adaptable and proactive

Collaboration and support

Solutions and learning

Trust and optimism

Inclusion and diversity


Considered and creative


Open and honest


Civility flourishes

High level of psychological safety


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Our group and individual solutions deliver sustained change with a clear focus on application back in the workplace, support rapid, lasting, inside-out transformation – also at scale and complement existing leadership development.

What could you and your team achieve if you showed up from Growth more consistently?

Where could a climate of Growth take you?

See our programmes to transform leadership capability and talent here: 

“This course was amazing! Truly felt it was the first time I took actions away from a course and put into practice!

I learnt how to stay positive in times of work pressures and turn what might be a negative into a positive. I also learnt more about me and what my colleagues might perceive about me, which allowed me to put clear actions into place.  Having attended the course with a fellow colleague we have been able to implement a growth mindset, focusing our energies and discussion on growth rather than survival. The tools that are on offer after the course are excellent and have been put into use already.”


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