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You are outwardly successful. But you don’t always feel successful on the inside.

You know there is more to life than this. But you don’t know where to start.

You want to try something new. But old habits and fears hold you back and keep you stuck.

I’ve got you.

“I was trying to do too much, undervaluing myself and unclear on my path, I nearly gave up. Now, my business is thriving. With a thousand different nudges and realisations Aleksandra helped me and my business to flourish and thrive.”

– Vickie Rogerson, MD of PR Agency and founder and owner of Homage to Fromage

I am Aleksandra, a lifelong learner, mindset coach and founder of The Atman Practice.

I am committed to helping consultants, business owners, directors and entrepreneurs like you get the clarity and confidence to create the life they want. On their terms.

I have an MA in psychology, neuroscience and therapeutic qualifications, and commercial management experience with world leading firms, but those achievements aside, what my client’s value most is my intuition.

My intuition is what gets me to the very heart of what is holding you back,  and it is what helps you unlock your potential and catalyse rapid, lasting transformation.

“I met Aleksandra at a time when I was really struggling with my confidence. Since working together, I have seen fantastic results including increased self confidence in the workplace and overall improved performance. Aleksandra easily identifies the root of any problem and supports you through the change process.*”

– Alex, Senior Manager, Management Consultancy

*Within 18 months Alex was promoted, twice

How it feels

Often, the change you are seeking is to feel more aligned at home or work, more authentic, more you, not less.

The work is not about being someone else: it is about coming home to yourself.

I understand how you are feeling now, I recognise how things could be better and I will challenge you on what is holding you back.

I believe in your wildest dreams and can provide the safe, limitless space you need to quickly identify your blockers and take action to create the life you want.

Get ready to transform

As we work together, you’ll gain more and more clarity. We will go deep, identifying your limiting beliefs and limitless goals.

You’ll transform.

In some sessions you’ll transform by a little in others by a lot. You’ll take big actions and small steps and you’ll be elated by how rapidly you start to feel the difference.

“I started working with Aleksandra to support me in defining who I wanted to be as a business owner. Aleksandra helped me transform what had felt like ‘luck’ into intentional, sustainable and strategic business success.”

– Elizabeth Lichten, Brand & Marketing Consultant, Pink Mingo

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