About you

You are outwardly successful. But you don’t always feel successful on the inside.

You know there is more to life than this. But you don’t know where to start.

You want to try something new. But old habits and fears hold you back and keep you stuck.

I’ve got you.

“I was trying to do too much, undervaluing myself and unclear on my path, I nearly gave up. Now, my business is thriving. With a thousand different nudges and realisations Aleksandra helped me and my business to flourish and thrive.”

– Vickie Rogerson, MD of PR Agency and founder and owner of Homage to Fromage

How it feels

Often, the change you are seeking is to feel more aligned at work, more authentic, more you, not less.

The work is not about being someone else: it is about coming home to yourself.

I understand how you are feeling now, I recognise how things could be better and I will challenge you on what is holding you back.

I believe in your wildest dreams and can provide the safe, limitless space you need to quickly identify your blockers and take action to create the career or business that you want.

“Aleksandra was a fantastic sounding board – helping to diminish my negative thought patterns and refocus on positive thoughts and actions.”

– Partner, Regional Office Head, Accountancy Firm

Get ready to transform

As we work together, you’ll gain more and more clarity. We will go deep, identifying and removing your limiting beliefs and decisions and establishing limitless goals.

You’ll transform.

In some sessions you’ll transform by a little, in others by a lot. You’ll take big actions and small steps and you’ll be elated by how rapidly you start to feel and see the difference.

“I started working with Aleksandra to support me in defining who I wanted to be as a business owner. Aleksandra helped me transform what had felt like ‘luck’ into intentional, sustainable and strategic business success.”

– Elizabeth Lichten, Brand & Marketing Consultant, Pink Mingo

Working Together

If what you’ve read here resonates, you are ready to go from spectator to creator and move from Survival mode to Growth.

My individual coaching programmes are completely bespoke and crafted around your needs. 

If you are ready to take control of your mindset, but would prefer to go on a group journey instead, join the next cohort of Mindset to Growth – a baseline mindset development programme.

I also offer a complementary connection session, giving you immediate clarity around how I might best support you.



MIndset to growth

Go from Survival to Growth
and learn how to thrive in a complex world

The Mindset to Growth – including development psychometrics Growth Indicator – integrates practical tools to enable you to show up from a mindset of Growth through the practice of emotional intelligence and combines practical coach-led sessions with 12 months access to a unique habit development platform.

Working with a cohort of fellow participants, this highly practical programme will:

  • Enable you to discover and explore your current Growth and Survival habits using the Growth Indicator so that you know exactly what’s holding you back and that you know what to change to create success on your terms.
  • Teach you how to apply the Practices for Growth to improve both your personal impact (eg. your confidence to be innovative and try something new; your resilience) and the impact you have with others (eg. the climate you create with others) and teach you practical tools you can use immediately to support your performance from a mindset of Growth.
  • Enable you to develop your own language of Growth and Survival which you can then choose to use within your team and across the organisation, fundamental to the creation of a climate of openness, accountability, and psychological safety.
  • Give you access to online development platform to help you continue your development and support your transfer of learning back to the workplace

Find out more: https://theatmanpractice.com/mindset-to-growth/ 

“This course was amazing! Truly felt it was the first time I took actions away from a course and put into practice!

I learnt how to stay positive in times of work pressures and turn what might be a negative into a positive. I also learnt more about me and what my colleagues might perceive about me, which allowed me to put clear actions into place.  Having attended the course with a fellow colleague we have been able to implement a growth mind-set, focusing our energies and discussion on growth rather than survival. The tools that are on offer after the course are excellent and have been put into use already.”

Full Alignment

Mindset & Strategy Programme
6 months | 12 sessions | Optional half-day intensives

I’ll help you clarify your goals and desires and together we’ll create the necessary vision, strategy and mindset required to go after them. I will support you to identify and remove the root cause of any sabotaging behaviour or limiting emotions and beliefs and cultivate a sense of calm in all spheres of your life.

In between the sessions, you’ll also have my support over text, email and video. This way, you’ll have time to process and action all the insights and absorb everything that you have learned.

This programme is favoured by independent business owners and in-house consultants alike. Expect to quickly gain clarity on what you want, start taking inspired action to make it happen and to consistently build resilience, confidence and authenticity during our time together and beyond.

“Aleksandra supported me to take time to think, space to breath and re-evaluate and I’m now looking at retraining in a sector I’ve always wanted to work in, but never had the courage. In my time working with Aleks, I’ve gained confidence and seen success at work, and I also feel less overwhelmed in my personal life.”

– Manager, Professional Services


Mindset & Alignment Support
12 months | Frequency and length of sessions dependent on need

This programme is popular with those stepping up into a bigger role, or stepping out into running their own business, and mostly those who have already completed – and experienced the benefits of – the 6-month Full Alignment programme with me.

These individuals are visionaries on a path of constant transformation on the inside in order to achieve even bigger goals on the outside, wanting ongoing support to stay on track to achieving their vision, keep authentic, remove new blocks as they toss aside the old blocks, and continue to feel more and more in their flow.

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