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I speak at various events on topics such as aware leadership and how to move from the mindset of Survival to mindset of Growth.

Recently I held a 2-day personal growth intensive for professional women and entrepreneurs. We took time to reconnect with ourselves, our feelings and each other and I empowered them with the tools to create the next 12 months, their way. All while enjoying home cooking and the crisp air, big skies and rolling hills of Yorkshire.

Check back for updates on upcoming retreats and if you have a speaking opportunity you’d like to discuss, please get in touch.


Are you creating a climate of Growth or Survival?

Are you creating a climate of Growth or Survival?

In the first article in this series I posted about how we can begin to recognise whether we are operating from the mindset of Growth or Survival and why that is important from individual perspective. Today's article is about what that means in terms of those around...

Growth or Survival – how do you show up?

Growth or Survival – how do you show up?

You cannot transform what you are not aware of. Some clients come to me because they are hyper-aware of what's holding them back and they want to change, NOW, but they don't know how to. Others have a sense that something has to change as they can't or don't want to...

Mindset to Growth Go from Survival to Growth and learn how to thrive in a complex worldA powerful blend of experiential learning, targeted feedback from the Growth Indicator and coach-led sessions to help you move from a mindset of Survival to a mindset of Growth...

Demystifying self-sabotage

Demystifying self-sabotage

I keep being asked what forms self-sabotage takes, so here is what I have observed having worked with hundreds of professional female leaders – those working for large firms and corporations and those who run their own businesses. For clarity, I...

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