I love seeing my clients transform and thrive. There is nothing more rewarding that witnessing a client’s ah-ha moments, meeting revenue targets in a way that feels good, getting new roles and promotions, creating more ease at home, making brave choices and bold decisions. Here’s what they have to say:

What was life like before you started working with me?
I had lost all love for my work which I was once so passionate about. I didn’t know why. I felt burnt out and that it would be easier to get a job rather than running my own business. I didn’t know what to charge for projects, hated quoting and was losing a lot of money on projects by under charging. I was earning half the money I earned in employment as I was too scared to charge more. I was always second guessing how much people would want to pay me rather than what I wanted to be paid. I’d frequently knock money off an invoice before even sending it as I was worried the client would say it was too expensive. I thought clients would laugh at the cost and that my services weren’t worth that much. I dug my head in the sand and didn’t look at how long I’d spent on projects compared to how much I’d charged.

I said yes to everything even if I didn’t want to do it. I frequently did small bits of work for free rather than having a conversation about money. I never set boundaries.

I was working from home and had no pride in my appearance. I knew I had to do something as I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life working in my spare room.

My work was all word of mouth and I didn’t spend any time promoting my business. Building my website was always on my to-do list but I never got round to it. I got a lot of repeat work from clients but it wasn’t the type of work I wanted or where I added the most value.

What did you try that didn’t work?
I listened to business and creative podcasts. I knew that I needed to promote myself but all my time was spent on client work. I’d tried setting time aside but I would always convince myself I didn’t have time.

There was a moment just before you sent the payment to work with me. What was the main reason, doubt or insecurity that was holding you back from signing up?
The cost. I knew I had to do something as I was so unhappy but I was nervous about spending the money. I was also worried I’d spend the money and it wouldn’t make a difference. That I wouldn’t be able to change my mindset or that a mindset coach wasn’t the right person for me.

Where are you now?
I’m so much happier now. I believe in myself. I have an office that I go to every day and I make an effort with my appearance. This has really helped me separate work from my home life and I feel good about myself.

Everything that I put on my original vision has now come true and I’m now thinking bigger about what’s next for myself and my business.

I now understand the value I add and have overcome the fear of charging my worth. This has happened gradually and what seemed impossible six months ago is now what I’m charging. I now understand that my prices have to reflect my business and the life that I want and not be based on what the client wants to pay. Just because one client doesn’t have the budget to work with me doesn’t mean there aren’t others out there that can. I’m now more confident in asking for what I want.

I have a website and I’m actively promoting my business on LinkedIn. This has created opportunities both within my business community and getting new work. People have been getting in touch with me after seeing my posts and work online.

I’m no longer afraid to set boundaries and say no to things that don’t align with what I want. I no longer feel I have to please people / put other people’s needs above my own.

I now invest time and money into my business. I understand my ideal client and the type of work I want and I prioritise promoting my business. I have processes in place so that projects don’t over run. I plan ahead and use a spreadsheet to track my finances, track projects.

I understand myself more and release my ways of doing things are ok and that I don’t need to try and do things the way others do.


Independent Consultant, Business Owner, former director in a large corporate   

What was life like before you started working with me?
Before I started working with Aleksandra, my biggest fear was to not “be enough”, to not do enough at work. It concerned my professional life mostly, and also impacted my private life. This fear based thinking was very much integrated in my behaviour. I doubted that I could achieve the goals I had set for myself, and the ones my manager would set for me. And even when I reached those goals, it was difficult for me to recognize that I was successful. 

Because I had limiting beliefs in myself, I also wasn’t able to allow myself to dream big. 

What did you try that didn’t work?
I tried to meditate and to practice sports regularly, to be able to distance myself from the negative thoughts.

There was a moment just before you sent the payment to work with me. What was the main reason, doubt or insecurity that was holding you back from signing up?
I took a moment to acknowledge that this period of work with you would be a financial investment and also an investment in myself. I decided I had to be committed to this work, make time for it and focus my energy on it, before I signed up for it. 

Where are you now?
Today I am thinking much more with a growth mindset than a fear mindset. I don’t see the obstacles I used to see in front of me. I feel more self-confident and self-aware. The way I look at life has changed, with less doubts and this happened after less than 3 months of work with you which is a great achievement for me! 

The various methods we have used have helped me gain insights, with time. We also have done a lot of visualisation work – defining the vision of my future self and how to get there. These methods have made a big difference in implementing small changes on a regular basis.

Finally, I will always keep in mind that “what you focus on, expands”.

Manager, Global Technology Company

What was life like before you started working with me?

Life before starting this process was uncertain, difficult and almost foggy. I didn’t have any direction and I genuinely did not know what I wanted (I still don’t know 100%, but who does!?). My biggest fear was getting to the root of my guilt, my anxiety about being a high achiever and asking for what I want, mainly because I felt like a fraud as up until this point had kind of stumbled through life, making decisions sporadically that felt right at the time but without the foresight of how these decisions would impact my future. 

I doubted myself constantly, mainly because nothing ever felt ‘right’ but it was starting to get better. The biggest struggle when I first started working with Aleks was picking apart my learned and conditioned beliefs and being truly and openly honest with myself about my wants, needs and values. I feel much clearer about all of these things now. 

What did you try that didn’t work?

Honestly, I hadn’t really tried anything like this before. I’d done regular therapy for depression and anxiety, which was unbelievably helpful and got me to a place of strength, but I had never invested in my future and myself like this before. 

There was a moment just before you sent the payment to work with me. What was the main reason, doubt or insecurity that was holding you back from signing up?

There was no doubt other than financially if I could afford this, but I decided that the ROI was more than worth it… and I was right! 

Where are you now?
I am absolutely in a position of strength, over the past few months I have been totally frank and honest in terms of personal and professional wants and needs. 

I have clarity on where I want to be and what I need to do to get there, I have a clear understanding of what makes me happy, what gives me energy and what my values are. 
I’ve never felt more in control of myself and never felt more successful. I have signed a contract for a Director role that I genuinely really wanted, is more aligned with my purpose and values and was able to negotiate working from a different country for 8 weeks of the year – something I would have been too scared to do previously. I honestly can say that I have never felt more happy and fulfilled. 
What made the biggest difference was unpicking WHY I couldn’t ask for what I wanted and rectifying this. This single thing has held me back for the majority of my life, now I can safely say that this won’t happen again. 


Then Senior Manager, now Director, Big Four, Financial Services, APAC 

“Before I started work with you Aleksandra I was really struggling with my self-worth.  I didn’t feel valued at work, no matter how well I did or hard I tried my efforts felt like they were not appreciated which made me really unhappy and frustrated at times – to the point where I was considering my options. These feelings also created some self-doubt in my ability to step up to the next level which was holding me back.


Over the last year we’ve had loads of really good conversations about mindset and looking back I think one of the biggest things that has changed me is the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, which has really helped me identify and understand my personality type. It has helped me in so many different ways but in particular it has given me the insight into why I had certain feelings at work (and home sometimes) and made me realise that self-worth is something I have total control over and can easily change with a different mindset.

It’s hard to put into words but I would say understanding my personality feels like I’ve been given some kind of super power to help make me a happier person – if that makes sense?! I’ve also realised that the only person holding me back at work was me.  I have now developed a plan to get me to the next level at work and the progress I am making with this is really exciting. There is more energy, self-confidence, and focus on a vision that was missing before.

I can’t thank you enough Aleksandra and just wish I had done this ten years earlier!”

Senior Director, Management Consulting  

What was life like before you started working with me?
I was very frustrated in my current job. I felt that senior management were unaware of my work and efforts and that I had no means of progressing or raising my profile. Importantly, I wasn’t on any of the Committees where key decisions were made even though my work is directly relevant to this process. In short, I felt in a rut.

What did you try that didn’t work?
I had asked my line manager several times if I could join the Committees and had been fobbed off each time. 

There was a moment just before you sent the payment to work with me. What was the main reason, doubt or insecurity that was holding you back from signing up?
I was worried that I would not commit to change and that I would be wasting money. 

Where are you now? 
I now feel that I have agency over the direction of my career (rather than feel that it is dependent on approval from others). In particular I understand that I already had the power to achieve my goals, but need to be prepared to get out of my comfort zone and be proactive to achieve what I want.  Over the past few months I have raised my profile significantly internally, joined a key decision-making Committee, am expanding my internal and external network and am planning for a future that inspires me and is true to my authentic self.  I am genuinely excited about my future now.  

Then – Senior Manager, now – Director, City Law Firm

What was life like before you started working with me?
Before I started working with Aleksandra I felt like there was a divide between how I showed up in
my business and my personal life. I was finding it hard to truly motivate myself to drive my business
forward because of this disconnect. Before Aleksandra started coaching me, I wasn’t even aware
that this was the issue. My biggest fear previously was to show authenticity and vulnerability with

my team and peers. I was struggling to shape my business into something I could be truly proud of.

What did you try that didn’t work?
I had worked with some excellent business coaches in the past. With hindsight I now realise that I
had fundamental mindset limitations which were holding me back. Working with Aleksandra really
allowed me to see the bigger picture and has allowed me to focus on taking my business to the next


There was a moment just before you sent the payment to work with me. What was the main
reason, doubt or insecurity that was holding you back from signing up?
The main reservation I had prior to signing up with The Atman Practice was the level of financial
investment required. Could I justify spending the money on myself especially when my team were

not directly involved.

Where are you now?
I am now enjoying taking my business in a new strategic direction. I am much more focused on the
tasks which have the greatest impact. I am doing less procrastination and feel less fear of putting
myself out there in the wider world, especially through digital channels. I have a clear message to
communicate and I’m not afraid of it.

Managing Director & Business Owner, Recruitment  

“Changes in my life since working with Aleksandra:

– More clarity with my business goals and a focus on profitability, not just creativity!
– Increased confidence with new projects.
– More self-awareness and gratitude.
– An abundance mindset that allows new opportunities in.

If you’re in need of inspiration but you can’t figure out the steps and strategies to take you to your dream life, get in touch she’s a miracle worker!”

Rachel Clark, Business Owner & Consultant, Commercial Real Estate & Media

“Aleksandra is a remarkable mindset coach who will bring the best out of you.

She is able to give you a clarity of thought that is essential to build the success you dream of and the keys to implement helpful mental tools. Her genuine concern for your projects, her affable personality, and her deep knowledge of her subject matter help her to create an environment that fosters creativity, self-awareness, and growth in every aspect of life. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Stephanie Michaux, Manager, Audible

“My journey with Aleksandra started almost a year ago when I felt both stuck in and unsure of the direction of my professional life.

Aleksandra has worked with me extensively, supporting me to dig deep into myself to understand myself better and to explore my strengths, passions and aspirations across all facets of life, whilst coaching me
through perceived challenges (mostly internal). It is the first time in my life I have taken a step back to reflect and it genuinely has changed how I view myself and the world around me. The time of self-reflection has created a more resilient, positive and ‘surer’ version of myself.  This is only the beginning…! Thank you Aleksandra!”

Roya, Senior Manager, Commercial Real Estate

“I found Aleksandra’s approach warm & gentle, with a perfect amount of kick, when needed! She was quickly & cleverly able to extract my fears, worries & insecurities, then she taught me how to turn them into positive actions which I could begin to use straight away.

With her guidance & knowledge, she was really able to help me find the clarity I needed to move forward. After all of our sessions I honestly felt reenergised, creative & ready to take the steps needed to break through the blocks that had been holding me back. Thank you Aleks, you have a great talent in what you do & I will be eternally grateful for your help in getting my mojo back!”

Lucy, Photographer & Business Owner

“When I met Aleksandra I was at a low point in my career – I had excelled in my profession and risen to a senior position in my firm when circumstances arose whereby I was questioning my role in my company, and even questioning myself and my own abilities.

Aleksandra was a fantastic sounding board – helping to diminish my negative thought patterns and refocus on positive thoughts and actions. The transformation was rapid – aided by regular discussions with Aleksandra to keep me on the right track – and it was not long before I was feeling like my “old self” and I could clearly see this attitude shift impacting on my client interactions. In six months, my revenue generation more than doubled and I feel more resilient to deal with any future setbacks. Thank you for all your support Aleksandra!

Partner, Regional Head Office, Accountancy Firm

“Life before coaching with Aleksandra feels like a distant memory now, I’ve changed and grown so much since then. I was just over a year into my business journey and although I had success, I was struggling to find my niche, to focus on what I wanted my business (and me) to be and I was fearful of myself. I would spend nights awake, worrying about small issues in the business. I would fret endlessly. I was a mess. I was trying to do too much, undervaluing myself, unclear on my path and using language that was defeatist. Everything was hard, difficult, stressful and I wasn’t good enough. I nearly gave up.

I tried to be all things to all people. I was doing everything in my business, but I was being let down by people who were supporting me, so I didn’t want to let go. I was thinking short term – get through the next week/month and everything will be okay. None of these things helped.

I had coaching before, and I knew how valuable it would be, but I was worried about the investment required of me in both time and money. I was also worried that it would show that I wasn’t cut out to run my own business. I was embarrassed about putting myself in the spotlight. I didn’t think I deserved to flourish.

Now, my business is thriving. It changed with a thousand different nudges and realisations. I changed my language, I delegated roles in the business so I could focus on what I loved, I built a clear plan and a vision, I created boundaries. Aleksandra helped me to work through and let go of my worry. She helped me to focus on what makes me happy, to work less and earn more. I changed my whole business model, took on less clients and charged more.

My biggest learning was to say NO and in return I secured more work. I trusted in the universe to answer me. I focused on positive collaboration and inspired action. I refocused on success, not worrying about failure.

Ultimately, she helped me find my inner voice, to be the confident powerful badass woman that was inside me, but I was fearful about letting shine. I connected with the vision for my business and let it flow through me. I gave myself permission to focus on myself and step into my power.

I can’t recommend Aleksandra enough, she helped me and my business to flourish and thrive.”

Vickie Rogerson, MD of PR Agency and Founder and Owner of Homage to Fromage


“Prior to my sessions with Aleksandra I had been feeling a little lost, low self-confidence & aware of a block (both creative and personal) which was preventing me from moving forward, these feelings were becoming overwhelming and I knew I needed some help in getting my mojo back in both my personal & creative business life.

After just one session with Aleksandra I started to feel excited about my future again. Her initial assessment and insight was so accurate I felt straight away that I was in safe hands & that I could really open up to her, and most importantly, myself.

I came into this process thinking I would get clarity around what I need to look for in a job, in order to be happy. Over the time we spent together I’ve got so much more. I now have the tools to look after myself, be more productive and establish new habits. I now hear the negative voice and know how to deal with it. More importantly I have introduced the positive voice which I didn’t really have before and it is making such a difference.”

Fiona, Senior Manager, Management Consultancy

“I met Aleksandra at a time when I was really struggling with my confidence and Aleksandra’s sessions have brought my confidence levels on leaps and bounds. Using clever techniques and methods Aleksandra created a bespoke, structured programme with set goals which were specific, measurable, and attainable. I have seen fantastic results over the past few months including increased self confidence in the workplace and overall improved performance. I was impressed with Aleksandra’s ‘can do’ attitude and her ability to set small, manageable tasks with the bigger picture in mind. I would recommend Aleksandra as a coach – she is very approachable, communicates things in a clear and concise manner, easily identifies the root of any problem and has the experience and encouragement to support you through the change process*”

Alexandra, Senior Manager, Management Consultancy

*Within 18 months since Alexandra and I started working together she has been promoted TWICE! What an amazing result, Alex!

“My first year of business was like being on an exhilarating ride. I was enjoying the projects, working with great clients and having fun, but always waiting for someone to tell me the ride was over.

I started working with Aleksandra in year two, to support me in defining who I wanted to be as a business owner going forward. Aleksandra helped me transform what had felt like ‘luck’ into intentional, sustainable and strategic business success.

To say I enjoyed working with Aleksandra would be an understatement. From our first conversation, my approach to work changed, my productivity and flow, the ambitions I was prepared to commit to, even the harmony of my homelife.

As adults, we don’t always feel like we can do anything, Aleksandra helped me feel like a kid again in that regard and I approach the next phase of my business growth with excitement!

Aleksandra is warm, funny, committed, insightful and bloody brilliant at what she does.”

Elizabeth Lichten, Brand & Marketing Consultant, Pink Mingo

“As a business owner I find it hard to manage competing demands on my time. There is always so much to do and so much I want to do – and never enough time or energy!

Aleksandra took a structured approach to guide my thinking – by asking questions, she enabled me to uncover my own blocks and challenges. Her experience provided support and gave me confidence to explore my goals and plans for the future. Thank you, Aleksandra, for helping me feel good about what I can achieve and celebrate my successes.”

Bec, Founder in Tec and Writer 

“I was unsure what to expect when I started my journey into coaching with Aleks. With a milestone birthday approaching, and a job in which I was dissatisfied and frustrated, I knew I needed some help in how to take back control of my future and where I wanted to be heading.

Coaching was a completely new experience for me. I warmed immediately to Aleks and I felt I was able to be completely open and honest with her. She is fantastically able to take a session in whatever direction it needs to go, offering advice and guidance on a huge variety of topics as different things surfaced throughout the course of our discussions.

My sessions didn’t only focus on my professional life, we also worked on my personal life. I’ve realised how important self-care is, how we need to respect ourselves and how the barriers to success are truly in our own heads.

I’ve taken time to think, space to breath and re-evaluate. I’m now looking at re-training into a sector which I’ve always wanted to work in, but never had the courage.

I can honestly say, in my time working with Aleks, I’ve gained confidence and seen success at work, but I also feel less overwhelmed in my personal life, more able to accept change ,and to focus on the future rather than the past.

She has taken me on a journey for which I am incredibly grateful. She is kind, but firm, and her approach definitely delivers results. I’m excited to see where life takes me next!”

Rachel, Manager, Professional Services

“Coaching with Aleksandra has helped me build strength in my character both personally and professionally. The techniques she has taught me have transformed the outcome of many situations I’ve encountered. Her manner and knowledge has made me feel confident in opening up to her and thus allowing myself to absorb her teachings. I am a more resilient and better person from our sessions*.”

Mei, Manager, Management Consultancy

*Within 9 months from when Mei and I started working together she has been promoted. Well done, Mei!

“I recall our very first meeting where I expressed to you that I felt lost. On top of feeling lost, I felt anxious and afraid about the future and that there was a race against time to achieve a multitude of things. I felt paralyzed in the sense that fear was not allowing me to think clearly and move forward.

Over the past few months (nearly a year!) a few of our meetings were challenging because you pushed me to remain authentic and not convince myself to take a path that I truly did not believe in, but tried to convince myself otherwise. It was tough! But we talked through our sessions and you had this way of asking the right question to reveal what my true intention was. You were peeling the layers to get to my core. I walked away from our last meeting feeling confident because I understood what I didn’t want and what means most to me. I see the difference in myself at work, in my personal life, as well as how I think about the future. Thank you, Aleksandra!”

Drita, Finance Partner, Investment Fund 

“After facing massive challenges and changes in my home and work life, my confidence and motivation were sometimes lagging. Aleks and I spent some time to help build my confidence, where she gave me pointers and tips on how to ‘flip things on its head’ and turn situations/negative thoughts into positive ones. Aleks’ support has had a big impact and certainly helped me to view myself in a different light and believe in my abilities more. Thank you Aleks!”

Elaine, Manager, Management Consultancy

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