What is Mindset?

What is mindset and why is it important?

Mindset is about how you are show up in the world, for yourself, for others.

How we ’show up’ is a combination of our thoughts, emotions, habits, strategies, skills, behaviours and what you believe about others, yourself, and your potential, your history, your values, your experiences, your memories, and therefore – your whole identity.

All of these elements come together and work together to form your mindset.

Awareness of all these facets helps you sit in the driver’s seat of your life, rather than hitting ‘auto pilot’. Awareness helps us recognise if we are coming from a place of Growth, or a place Survival.

When I work with my clients on an individual basis, we explore all these conscious and unconscious elements – and shift gear from Survival to Growth. The mindset of Growth is where the magic happens! It is where we take control and create the career, business, life we’ve always wanted.

I also work with executives, combining this deep work, with actionable business and career strategy…

When I work with teams, we take a look at is that pattern of Survival and Growth and the impact of that on the climate the individual creates – which ultimately impacts the climate of the whole organisation and how we can shift an entire organisation into growth mode.

How do you show up? 



Judgmental and critical

Emotionally detached

Overwhelmed and reactive

Harsh to self and others

Guarded and hidden

Blames and disempowers

Avoids conflict

Stays in own comfort zone



Growth focused

Curious and adaptable

Explores emotion

Present and mindful

Compassionate to self and others

Shares what is true for them

Offers solutions

Assertive and proactive

Stretches own comfort zone and act on what is true for them


Survival Climate

Survival focused

Disengaged and disempowered

Resistant and undermining

Blame and punishment

Mistrustful and cynical

Exclusion and bias


Reactive and risk averse


Covers up mistakes

Harsh and transactional

Incivility and rudeness

Low level of psychological safety


Growth Climate

Growth focused

Engaged and committed

Adaptable and proactive

Collaboration and support

Solutions and learning

Trust and optimism

Inclusion and diversity


Considered and creative


Open and honest


Civility flourishes

High level of psychological safety


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What could you and your team achieve if you showed up from Growth more consistently?

Where could a climate of Growth take you?

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