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If what you’ve read here resonates, you are ready to go from spectator to creator, from survival mode to growth.

You are ready to come home to yourself.

My coaching programmes are completely bespoke and crafted around your needs. I also offer a complementary connection session, giving you immediate clarity around how I might best support you.

Instant Shift

Clarity & Mindset Session
120 Minutes

If you want to gain instant clarity around a specific issue, improve your confidence, tackle an obstacle or change a limiting belief – or all of it in one go – start with an Instant Shift session. You’ll get more understanding about yourself and your situation and experience the power of an immediate mindset shift.

“Aleksandra was a fantastic sounding board – helping to diminish my negative thought patterns and refocus on positive thoughts and actions.”

– Partner, Regional Office Head, Accountancy Firm

Full Alignment

Strategy & Mindset Programme
6 months | 12 sessions | Optional half-day intensives

I’ll help you clarify your goals and desires and together we’ll create the necessary vision, strategy and mindset required to go after them. I will support you to identify the root cause of any self-sabotaging behaviour or negative self-beliefs and cultivate a sense of calm in all spheres of your life.

In between the sessions, you’ll also have my support over text, email and video. This way, you’ll have time to process and action all the insights and absorb everything that you have learned.

This programme is favoured by independent business owners and in-house consultants alike. Expect to quickly gain clarity on what you want, start taking inspired action to make it happen and to consistently build resilience, confidence and authenticity during our time together and beyond.

“Aleksandra supported me to take time to think, space to breath and re-evaluate and I’m now looking at retraining in a sector I’ve always wanted to work in, but never had the courage. In my time working with Aleks, I’ve gained confidence and seen success at work, and I also feel less overwhelmed in my personal life.”

– Manager, Professional Services

A Lifetime of Flow

Mindset & Alignment Support
12 months | Frequency and length of sessions dependent on need

This programme is popular with those stepping up into a bigger role, or stepping out into running their own business, as well as those who have already completed – and experienced the benefits of – the 6-month Full Alignment Programme with me.

These individuals are visionaries on a path of constant transformation and wanting ongoing support to stay on track to achieving their vision, keep authentic, remove new blocks as they toss aside the old blocks, and continue to feel more and more in their flow.

“Almost a year ago, I felt lost, anxious and afraid about the future. I walked away from our last meeting feeling confident, knowing what matters most. Some coaching sessions were challenging because Aleksandra pushed me to remain authentic and not convince myself to take a path I didn’t truly believe in. I see the difference in myself at work, in my personal life, and how I think about the future. Thank you, Aleksandra!”

– Finance Partner, Investment Fund

For Organisations and Corporates


My individual and group coaching programmes help businesses overcome ‘immunity to change’ challenge and support rapid, lasting, inside-out transformation – also at scale. My approaches complement existing leadership development and ensure people are best equipped to thrive in their organisations.

Mindset Executive Coaching
For individuals

Mindset for Growth
Group programme

Bespoke Workshops
Group sessions

“Aleksandra took a structured approach to guide my thinking – by asking questions, she enabled me to uncover my own blocks and challenges. Her experience provided support and gave me the confidence to explore my goals and future plans.”

– Writer and Tech Founder

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