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Hi, I am Aleksandra Atman, a certified Transformational Growth Coach, Psychologist, NLP & Psych-K Practitioner.

My psychology background and my mindset coaching modalities mean I’m equipped to work safely with your subconscious while my 15 years of experience in corporate leadership at firms such as Deloitte and as a leadership coach means I have transferable skills to help you reach your goals. 

I help my clients to regain control of their future, create career they have always wanted and perform consistently from a mindset of Growth using Aligned Success Framework™.

Aligned Success Framework™  equips my clients with insights, mindset and strategies transforming how they lead themselves so that they can create their desired future with clarity, joy and confidence. It consists of 3 core pillars: Self-Awareness, Mindset and Strategy

My individual coaching and group programmes are designed for in-house and independent consultants, business owners, directors, entrepreneurs, people and teams based all over the globe, to catalyse rapid change – be that increased margins, sustained high performance, collaboration and wellbeing, better relationships, learning to say no, having the confidence to say yes, reaching for that promotion, or reaching for the door.

My clients include employees of Deloitte, BDO, PWC, HSBC, Arup, Thales, McDonalds, HFW, Hello Fresh and Turner & Townsend, to name but a few.


Aligned Success Framework™

At the core of my offers sits my Aligned Success Framework™ which equips my clients with insights, mindset and strategies transforming the way they lead themselves so that they can create their desired future with clarity, joy and confidence. 

Get to know yourself
and create the vision of your future. Embody value you provide and get to see who you need to be to ask for what you want.

Step into your true identity: reprogram your belief system
and master your emotions to move from Survival to Growth – increase your personal and interpersonal effectiveness and enable sustained performance, resilience, agility, collaboration, and wellbeing.

Set your goals and plan, become intentional and accountable, towards yourself and with others and learn the unwritten rules of leadership.  

Ready for change?

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“If you’re in need of inspiration but you can’t figure out the steps and strategies to take you to your dream life, get in touch. Aleksandra is a miracle worker!”

– Business Owner & Consultant, Commercial Real Estate & Media

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